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09/29/2016, 3:00pm EDT
By Gary Shears


As the 2016 season nears the end it is important to look ahead for the major changes coming up in 2017. As 2016 unfolded I noticed that there were several policy changes that are needed to make the league better managed and more efficient. I have been very lucky to have Dick Salmon involved and he has been an integral part of the league, I value his efforts and contributions. 

We are moving into the 9th season of the league and I feel that over the last 3 seasons that I have either drifted from my original vision of the league or have conceded to accommodate teams as I was concerned with being a larger organization as opposed to a bigger one. I've also had some significant life changes occur that has had me take a step back and not be as hands on. After giving this some thought I have decided to move to the front and be more involved. In other words, I'm back. With that in mind there are changes coming.

The 2017 Season Schedule has been posted on the site. Here are the new policy changes coming for next season:

Meeting Days are mandatory and are deadlines. If the manager cannot make the meeting then he must send a representative. Dates are announced months in advance. Fees are also due at this time. If you are not paid by the meeting date then you cannot vote for any rule changes, playoff formats or other league related matters. Here are the Fee Schedules:

  • January 27:    $500 (must be paid on this date)
  • February 25:  $500 ($200 for 2016 Champions)

If you are due a credit for any other reason it will be applied to the February 25th payment. Any payment that is received after 2/25 will be assessed a $200 late fee. 

No teams will be accepted after 3/4/17. If there is an uneven number of teams in a division then the team that owes a balance or is unpaid will be cut from the season with the unpaid team being cut first and the team with a balance being second. This may result in the league becoming smaller. I am okay with that.

Starting in 2017 there are no exceptions to this rule. If you are turning the age of the division you will be playing in during the calendar year then that is the age you are. We will not entertain any requests or special circumstances. We are letting you know now so you can plan your rosters accordingly. This is a non-negotiable rule.

The number of games you must play in is 6 (six). There is no injured reserved list anymore. 

The season will not be extended for any reason. It is your responsibility to get make ups in. Mothers Day and Memorial Day are options. Whatever your point total in on July 23rd will be the determining factor on your playoff seeding. 

The playoff format will be decided at the February meeting. In the past we have left it up to the managers and several variations are proposed which are either not efficient on time or goes beyond the budget. I will decide the formats with the counsel of the managers but the final decision will ultimately come from me.

If your team has forfeit your schedule out and you plan to return for the 2017 season then you will make a $200 security deposit to play in the season. If you do not forfeit a game in the 2017 season then you will have your security deposit returned prior to the beginning of the 2017 playoffs.

If you cannot find a field and the league needs to provide one for you then there will be $200 field fee. Teams that the league has found a field for in the past are grandfathered under the rule. If another team has a field and they choose to split it with you then the financial arrangement is made between the 2 teams, the league will have no part of the transaction.

Please understand that the hard line on fees and fields are a result of 8 years of delinquent payers and teams that aren't making a field a priority. If I can find a field, you can find a field. Its that simple. I will also no longer be fronting money for teams to get baseballs or insurance. If you do not pay you cannot play. 

I love this league and I love baseball but we need to operate like a business to make it work. 


Thanks in advance for your compliance. 

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